For Schools

We would like to take this opportunity to extend to you and your students an invitation to visit our office for
field trips and/or for free dental screenings for students entering kindergarten or the first grade as required by
the new law. We are proud to have been able to host field trips and dental screenings for the Milpitas, Fremont,
and San Jose community for three decades and welcome you to join us.

The California Dental Association and California Society of Pediatric Dentistry have jointly developed a screening
consent and recommendation form for dental screenings that are conducted in private dental offices
(school-based screening programs typically use their own forms for this purpose). This form makes it explicit that
the child receiving the screening does not become a patient-of- record and will establish the parameters of the
free service provided. In situations where a child does not have dental coverage and the parent chooses for
their child the minimum assessment required by law, our office will provide a dental screening to the child, free of
charge, as a public service.

A field trip to the dental office helps prepare preschool and school age children by learning that the dentist and
other members of the dental team are friendly people who take care of their teeth and keep them healthy. Our
2,400 square foot office is designed to set patients and parents at ease and is an open area where children can
see other children. We are dedicated to promoting the importance of good dental health, easing children's fears,
and trying to help apprehensive children not to be afraid to go to the dentist.

A field trip to our office will include a tour of the office, and a goodie bag for each child with stickers, oral health
care products, and balloons! The staff will talk about dental hygiene and give tooth-brushing instructions. Each
child will be offered to go for a "ride" in the dental chair for a dental screening. We are able to host groups of up
to 20 children at a time and a typical field trip lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. We do not charge for
field trips so this is an excellent opportunity to provide early dental care education for your group.

To make arrangements for group field trips or for further questions, please contact us at 408-263-6331. We look
forward to seeing you soon!

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